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Select Home Design is a premiere builder, specializing in custom design, engineering and financing to meet your property and individual needs. In today’s competitive real estate market, choosing the right team has become vital. Our turnkey solution allows you to increase your property value and potentially earn additional income. Call us today and allow us to show you how the American Dream can work for you!

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RAISE PROPERTY VALUE - Creating additional living space and remodeling boost the appeal of your property.

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UNBEATABLE PRICES - We provide each customer with the highest standard while maintaining our prices very competitive.



Solar News

On May 9, 2018 the state increased considerations with the California Energy Commission unanimously approving a plan requiring all new homes and apartment buildings to have some form of solar power installed. Builders will be required to include some form of solar power on all buildings. If approved, standards will take place 1/1/2020. Now is the time to plug into the sun and go solar!



ADU News

In January of 2017 a new state law (AB 2299) took effect in California that encourages homeowners to build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s). These units not only greatly increase the value of your property, but they have many additional uses such as rental units, gym, office or the extra space you have always wanted. To check property eligibility for an ADU Conversion click here.



Affordable Prices

We believe the best method is to introduce more attractive alternatives that work at the right time, in the right place at an affordable price. That is why we pass our contractor savings directly to you. The discounts will save you up to 40% on top of the line appliances, flooring, countertop slabs, fixtures and more.

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